RC Davies


Supervisor / Leading-Hand

Experience in construction of water and sewer infrastructure including valves, hydrants, manholes etc.

Experience to be 10+ years working within brownfields with extensive work on pipe sizes ranging from 100mm to 600mm and materials including PE, PVC and VitClay.

This is a leading hand/supervisor position hours are 7 am to 3:30pm 5 days per week (these are great conditions considering most construction companies will work 6 days).

Essential Qualifications to include: Industry Card, Confined Space, Trenching (previously called miners certificate), pipe layers.

Desirable Qualifications are Plumbing, spotters, traffic, plant operators (backhoe or excavator), first aid.

Essential Experience to include: Minimum 5 years Water and Sewer pipe construction within brownfield sites, manhole construction, deep excavation/trenching shaft construction experience.

Desirable experience is pump station construction, experience in construction of GRP (glass reinforced pipes).

We look forward to receiving your application.

 Mr Rod Davies on (03)9776 4922 or 0419 179 806 will be pleased to give you further details.

Please send your application to:

Vikol Pty Ltd
47 Brunel Rd.
Seaford 3198

E-mail: admin@rcdavies.com.au


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